Permanent Tattoos

What is a Permanent Tattoo?

Most people think that getting a permanent tattoo design on their body is when the ink goes deep inside the skin that won’t go away for a lifetime. However, this is not the reason why tattoos are permanent.

Basically, while the first touch of a needle to your body, the tattoo and body’s immune system are locked and it’s a continuous process. A permanent tattoo is a permanent inflammation.

So, when you do a permanent tattoo on your body, the tattoo needle punctures your skin. It directly rips through epidermis then goes to your skin, and spills the ink in the dermis. When penetration is felt, the immune system gets alert and send system cells to the site.

Some of these are white blood cells that grab the ink in order to clean the area. And whatever left of skin is eaten by skin cells. The pigment particles are too big, so white cells can’t eat them and they stay there. This is how a permanent tattoo is inked to your body.

Planning to get a Permanent Tattoo?

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