OYE Arts is located in Hyderabad City the capital of Telangana, India. It is home to the Best Tattoo Artist in Hyderabad. It is also among the longest-running, most trusted & Loved tattoo studio of Hyderabad.

The Core Philosophy

Over a decade into tattooing. The founder tattooist Hari learned through experience that tattoos have the Power to Heal, Inspire, Influence and Exalt oneself to a higher elated state. The Studio runs on his philosophy of creating Meaningful, Beautiful and Personal tattoos for each individual.


Create world-class tattoos by India’s! One at a time! Tattoos that are 100% Unique & Custom Made. Engineered for the Individual! Tattoos that. Made from the Purest positive energy!

The Mission

To this day, our mission is to push the boundaries of excellence in the Tattoo & Piercing industry.

OYE Arts is committed to consistently create world-class tattoos!